Days of Prayer and Fasting 2020

November 1-21

This has been a challenging year. We continue to battle world-wide pestilence, social upheaval and calamitous weather events in our nation. It’s difficult for people to navigate through the turmoil. The Church has spiritually drifted and culturally compromised. Throughout the Scripture when such times occurred, the people of God humbled themselves, repented, prayed and fasted. We need God’s mercy and move in our lives and nation. In this context, we urge our GCI family to join together as we call upon Him. Note the instructions on the back page.

21 Day Prayer Challenge Guide

Day 1   Return and Rend Your Hearts               Joel 2:12-27

Day 2   Examine Your Ways and Return           Lamentations 3:1-40

Day 3   Prayer of Repentance                               Nehemiah 1:1-11           

Day 4   Confessing Our Sins                                 Daniel 9:1-19                  

Day 5   Discerning the Season                             Daniel 2:1-23

Day 6   Return and Restoration                          Hosea 5:13-6:3

Day 7   Sins and Consequences                           Hosea 8:1-14

Day 8   Return to God, Ask Forgiveness            Hosea 14:1-9

Day 9   Return and Remove Wickedness          Job 22:21-30

Day 10 Recognize God in Life’s Trials               Job 42:1-16

Day 11 Run to the Fortress of Hope                   Zechariah 9:9-17

Day 12 Restoration of Favor                                Zechariah 10:1-12

Day 13 Call Upon God and Be Renewed           Isaiah 55:1-13

Day 14 Righteous Fast for Breakthrough          Isaiah 58:1-14

Day 15 Restoration from Injustice                      Isaiah 58:1-14

Day 16 Trusting the Promise of Favor               Isaiah 61:1-11

Day 17 Rise of the Remnant                                Jeremiah 23:1-6

Day 18 Recall His Miracles                                  Psalm 77:1-20

Day 19 Alignment and Favor                              James 4:1-10

Day 20 Praise, Prayers and Peace                     Philippians 4:4-9

Day 21 Stand in Faith and Love                         Jude 17-25

Prayer and Fasting Focus

In light of our current national circumstances, our Prayer and Fasting Guide reflects the urgent call to humble ourselves, and return to the Lord in repentance for His revival and restoration to heal our land. We stand at a pivot point in history. Our collective effort to call upon the Lord in agreement will impact our lives, the Church, our nation and world. People are desperate for hope.  Our righteousness positions us for God’s mercy and favor. 


¨ “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” ~George Lles


¨ Prayer connects you to God. Fasting disconnects you from the world.


¨ God does not raise His voice to be heard, He lowers it.  Prayer with fasting increases the volume of His Voice over our voice and all the other voices in the world. It creates a greater sensitivity to the promptings of His Spirit.


¨ The spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting are voluntary offerings of ourselves to God. They are “means of grace” whereby we make ourselves available for increased measures of His grace and spiritual transformation.   


¨ There are great personal benefits and blessings to receive  during this time. There is also local, national, and world impact for the Kingdom that will emerge from this concentrated and corporate effort. There is power in agreement!

Directions and Suggestions

We encourage you to use this Prayer and Fasting Guide. Set aside one hour each day to read the Scripture and pray. Fast the days that you are able. You may want to fast one meal a day for the 21 days or fast selected days. Do what works for you. Remember this is your offering to the Lord. Be mindful prayer is speaking and listening. You may want to incorporate worship.  We encourage you to keep a journal. Record 

impressions and words that the Lord speaks to you.

Unified to reach the world for Christ!