Days of Prayer and Fasting 2019

November 1-21

This is our dedicated time to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting. We invite our Grace Covenant International family worldwide to participate in these sacred days. We encourage you to spend one hour in prayer each day for 21 days using this prayer guide, and fast the days you are able. God will respond as we join our hearts, voices and faith together for His Kingdom. There is power in agreement. Pray with expectation!

21 Day Prayer Challenge Guide

Day 1   Promises and Prayer Altars             Genesis 12:1-8

Day 2   Intentional for His Presence             Exodus 33:7-23

Day 3   Sincere Petition                                I Samuel 1:10-20        

Day 4   Worthy of Our Sacrifice                    II Samuel 24:18-25      

Day 5   A Cry for Restoration                       Nehemiah 1:1-11

Day 6   Our Source of Strength                    Psalm 18

Day 7   Releasing Your Burdens                  Psalm 25

Day 8   Delighting in the Lord                       Psalm 37

Day 9   Your Defender Will Rise Up             Psalm 68

Day 10 Your Family from the Nations          Psalm 96

Day 11 Wade into the River of Renewal      Ezekiel 47:1-12

Day 12 Serious Seeking                              Joel 2:12-32

Day 13 Pure Hearted Seeking                     Matthew 6

Day 14 Father Dependence                        John 5:16-20

Day 15 Positioned in Abiding                      John 15:1-17

Day 16 Receiving Jesus’ Prayer for You     John 17:20-26

Day 17 Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire                   Acts 2:1-21

Day 18 Obedience to Heavenly Vision       Acts 26:1-19

Day 19 Overflow with Hope                        Romans 15:1-13

Day 20 Sustaining Prayers                         II Corinthians 1:1-11

Day 21 Live Out Your Identity                     Colossians 3:1-17

Thoughts on Prayer and Fasting

Thoughts on Prayer and Fasting

¨ Someone once said, “Prayer connects you to God. Fasting disconnects you from the world.”   


¨ Fasting reduces the influence of our self-will and invites the Holy Spirit to do a deeper work in us. Charles Wesley said, “Fasting puts the Spirit over the flesh.”


¨ There is a deeper level of surrender that comes through a dedicated, extended time of prayer and fasting. Your intimacy and closeness to God will increase.


¨ The appetites of the flesh are replaced by a hunger for God, which results in greater openness and sensitivity to His voice, and the promptings of His Spirit.


¨ The spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting are voluntary offerings of ourselves to God. Don’t allow your flesh or the Devil to make them a drudgery (his scheme). They are “means of grace” whereby we make ourselves available for increased measures of His grace and spiritual transformation.   


¨ There are great personal benefits and blessings to receive     during this time. There is also local, national, and world    impact for the Kingdom that will emerge from this concentrated and corporate effort. There is power in agreement as we join with our GCI family. Be watchful and expectant!

Directions and Suggestions

We are asking participants to use this Prayer and Fasting Guide.  Set aside one hour each day to read the Scripture and pray.       Fast days that you are able. You may want to fast one meal a day for the 21 days or fast the full 21 days. Do what works for you.  Remember this is your offering to the Lord. Be mindful prayer is talking, and listening. You may want to incorporate some worship. We encourage you to keep a journal. Record impressions and words that the Lord speaks to you.

Unified to reach the world for Christ!

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