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Days of Prayer and Fasting 2021
November 1-21

Each year our world-wide GCI Ministry Family sets aside  November 1-21 to humble ourselves before the Lord through prayer and fasting. We draw close to God and each other. We get re-centered in Christ. It strengthens our faith, positions us for more revelation and Kingdom manifestation in our lives and ministries. Please join us! Instructions on the back page.

21 Day Prayer Challenge Guide

Day 1      Promise Fulfilled (Mary’s Song)                Luke 1:39-56

Day 2      Promise & Purpose (Zech’s Song)            Luke 1:57-80

Day 3      Promise Manifested                                   Luke 2:22-40            

Day 4      Preparation, Testing & Power                    Luke 4:1-21     

Day 5      Know Your Soul                                         Luke 6:17-26

Day 6      Check Your Heart                                      Luke 6:27-49

Day 7      Test Your Soil                                             Luke 8:1-15

Day 8      Count Your Cost                                         Luke 9:57-62

Day 9      Prayer with Faith                                        Luke 11:1-13

Day 10    Faith Over Fear                                          Luke 12:22-34

Day 11    Power of Persistent Prayer                         Luke 18:1-8

Day 12    Prioritizing Prayer                                       Luke 19:45-48

Day 13    Prayerfully Positioned                                 Luke 21:29-38

Day 14    Prayer with Communion*                            Luke 22:7-30

Day 15    Yielding to His Will                                      Luke 22:39-46

Day 16    Revisiting the Cross                                    Luke 23:26-49

Day 17    Revisiting the Empty Tomb                          Luke 24:1-12

Day 18    A Walk with the Risen Christ                        Luke 24:13-35

Day 19    Receive Your Kingdom Focus                      Luke 24:36-53

Day 20    Pray and Wait for Holy Spirit                        Acts 1:1-11

Day 21    Receive Afresh Holy Spirit                            Acts 2:1-21

Prayer and Fasting Focus

Our season of prayer and fasting is a dedicated and concentrated time to seek the Lord. This year our scripture selections span the Gospel of Luke and a couple passages from the first two chapters of Acts. Luke is the inspired author of his book and the Book of Acts. Let the daily scripture passage be a springboard into your prayer time. Look at this time as a journey with Jesus. 


¨ As the coming Messiah, Jesus was a promise manifested. He was the fulfilment of prophesies and the answer of the    prayers of many. Note the expressions of those who recognized the time of His coming. Let their words give voice to your petitions and declarations to God. 

¨ Jesus was a man of prayer. Jesus modeled prayer. He practiced prayer and fasting. Learn from Him. 

¨ His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. Jesus taught on the value and impact of prayer and fasting. 

¨ He demonstrated the power and anointing in the Spirit that is generated through prayer and fasting.

¨ He stressed the importance of checking the content of the heart and having a right spirit in prayer.

¨ He exemplified for us that the Father is the ultimate Source for our help, guidance and provision for our lives.

¨ He personified absolute faith in the Father. Be expectant! 

¨ He stressed the importance of being filled and flowing in the Holy Spirit.

Directions and Suggestions

We encourage you to use this Prayer and Fasting Guide. Set aside one hour each day to read the Scripture and pray. Fast the days that you are able. You may want to fast one meal a day for the 21 days or fast selected days. Do what works for you. On Day 14 we encourage you to include communion in your time. Remember this is your offering to the Lord. Be mindful, prayer is speaking and listening. You may want to incorporate worship. We encourage you to keep a journal. Record impressions and words that the Lord speaks to you.

Unified to reach the world for Christ!

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