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Grace Covenant International

Ministry Conference 2023

March 7-10

Platte City, MO 

Conference Schedule for download

Grace Covenant International Ministry Conference 2023

March 7-10

“Ministry from More than Enough”    

(Event Location: Christ Chapel-Platte City, MO)




Monday, March 6

11:00am-12:00pm          Pre-conference Prayer:  Facilitator –Linda Wagers

1:00-5:00pm                   Set-up Sanctuary and Sound Equipment   


Tuesday, March 7

9:30am-12:00pm            Executive Board (Room 104-106)

12:00pm                         Lunch Break

1:30-4:30pm                   Board of Ministry- (interviews) (Room 104-106)

4:30-5:30pm                   Praise Team Practice (may be scheduled earlier)

6:30-6:50pm                   Pre-service Prayer (Room 104-106) 

7:00pm                           Praise and Preaching: “Ministry from More than Enough” —Dallas Elder


Wednesday, March 8

9:30-10:00am                 Praise and Worship-The Bridge Praise Team

10:00-10:45am               Worship-Prayer and Prophecy —Pam Brown

10:45-11:00am Break

11:00-11:45                     Teaching: “Living in the Land of Compromise” —Dallas Elder

11:45am-2:00pm             Lunch Break

*Next-Gen Connection:   Pizza Shoppe-Platte City  

2:00-4:00pm Encouragement, Equipping & Elevation

   (2:00-2:55pm)             *Teaching: “Breaking Free” —Mary McDonald 

   (3:05-4:00pm)             *Teaching: “Dealing with Ministry Disappointments” —Barry Tuggle  

6:30-8:00pm                    GCI Fellowship Dinner- Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant

8:00-10:00pm                 *Next-Gen Fellowship: GAME NIGHT! (Hotel meeting room)


Thursday, March 9

9:30-10:00am                  Praise and Worship-The Bridge Praise Team

10:00-10:30am                Message:  “The Fish of Faith”  —Tyler Franca    

10:30-10:45am                Break

10:45-11:45pm                GCI Vision & Ministry   

12:00-2:00pm                  Lunch Break

                                         *Missions Fellowship Lunch- Roxanne’s Café-Platte City 

2:00-4:00pm                    Missions Highlights-Sanctuary   

                                         * Dominican Republic —Rick & Carie Bernard/Tyler & Callie Franca/Hannah Hoose

                                         * Native Peoples Outreach —Fran O’Brien

                                         * Value Unconditional (serving the trafficked and traumatized)  —Geony Rucker

6:30-6:50pm                    Pre-service Prayer (Room 104-106)

7:00pm                            Praise and Preaching: “You Give Them Something to Eat” —Kevin Clancey      

Friday, March 10

9:30-10:00am                  Praise and Worship-

10:00-10:30am                Message: “Leading from the Overflow” —Marquis Harris

10:30-11:30am                Communion/Closing Remarks/Prayers of Blessings —Dallas Elder

11:30am-12:30pm           Breakdown and clean-up


<Conference Concludes>

Note:  *Information:  During the conference, call or text our Conference Help Line: Dede Smith (863) 232-6410.  

           **There will be some sessions of childcare provided at our conference.

           ***There is no cost for the conference, an offering will be taken on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

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