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Native American

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Francine O'Brien
White Buffalo Ministries

Francine O'Brien, Kiowa-Apache, is a Native American Leader living in Easton, MO.  She and her husband lead White Buffalo Ministries.  For many years Fran has been an strong prayer intercessor for the Native Peoples.  Now she is a ministry leader encouraging Native leaders.


The deep hurts of history still remain among the Native tribes in the United States. They suffer from lost of identity, poverty, addiction and high suicide rates, especially among the youth. Francine is a minister with Grace Covenant International.  She works to bridge the gap and demonstrate the love of God to the Native Peoples.  She serves as the Missouri representative to All Tribes-US, a Native ministry organization uniting tribes across the nation and encouraging them to take their place in the Body of Christ.  We are grateful to have Fran as part of our GCI ministry family.  Each year, Fran leads Grace Covenant teams to  offer VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs to Native churches in Oklahoma.

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