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Rob and Lori Mangus

Rob and Lori Mangus are from Bellevue, TX and are our GCI missionaries to Ghana. They arrived in West Africa in June, 2015. They are now locating in Ghana and will be working along-side Pastor George Kessei and our Ghanaian leadership team to bring more of Jesus into more of Ghana. They will serve into the effort to encourage our GCI churches and give leadership into discipleship ministry. Rob and Lori have two grown sons, James Michael and Blake.  James Michael is married to Shelby.  They and Blake live in Texas. You can become part of their support team by clicking the donate button or by contacting the Grace Covenant International office.

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George Kessei family

Pastor Mike Ogbonna is the point pastor of our GCI-Ghanaian leadership team.  He and his wife Pastor Gladys work closely with our GCI missionaries to Ghana, Rob and Lori Mangus.  

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