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Roland Idohou

Grace Covenant International is delighted to announce that we are beginning ministry work in Benin.  In 2017, Pastor Roland Idohou was commissioned as a GCI minister.  He is our appointed Ministry Director in Benin and is laying the foundation for GCI-Benin to be established.  He is currently at work connecting with other pastors interested in apostolic covering and connection and will be forming our leadership team. 


Pastor Roland is active in giving leadership to the planting of new churches.  His wife, Agnes, is pastoring one of those churches.


Pastor Roland has a heart for helping children to get off the street into school.  To do so, he leads initiatives to supply them with necessary uniforms and school supplies.  Not only do these initiatives position them to receive an education but it greatly removes the risk of these children being trafficked.  We are excited to partner with Pastor Roland in this wonderful compassionate work.  If you would like to contribute to this life changing effort, click the “Donate” button below.


Pastor Roland represents Benin in our Grace Covenant International ministry family.  He is also part of our fellowship of leaders from our growing presence in West Africa which includes the nations of Liberia and Nigeria.  

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