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Changing the world from the context of the marketplace!

What We Do


VisionVes†ors is a non-denominational service ministry that invites partnership from the marketplace and churches to invest vision, resources, materials, skills and efforts to raise the quality of life in desperate and crisis regions of the world.


Working together we help to create opportunity and hope for people in distressed areas. Our focus is practical compassion projects that change lives and the world. Our compassion projects demonstrate the love of God and lead to spiritual impact and faith.


Our MissionVision


Ves†ors merges marketplace skills into missions to meet practical needs in the love of Christ. 


Our Partnership Efforts


We provide ways people can use their efforts, skills and resources to make a difference in our world. We identify projects in distressed regions and coordinate resources and service teams to accomplish the projects in specific nations.


Our Projects Include


:¨ Clean water projects

¨ Building orphanages

¨ Feeding poor children

¨ Providing medical care

¨ Assisting schools

¨ Church construction

¨ Disaster relief












Who We Are


VisionVes†ors is made up of people from the marketplace and churches who desire to use their talents to offer people living in desperate conditions, help and hope. Regardless of skills and skill levels, every person has something to contribute to make a significant difference.W


e organize VV Connection Groups in communities where we have contacts and interest in our service projects. In Connection Meetings, we relate information relative to our current projects including the needs of the people, our specific goals for the effort and resources needed to accomplish the work.


We show various ways that people can get involved to make an impact. We have individuals, civic groups, businesses and churches from across the United States which support our projects.


We partner with national leaders to accomplish the projects in their nations.



Our Team Touches


VisionVes†ors not only identifies projects, builds partnerships and raises project funds, but also sends out Service Teams to touch the lives helped by the project. Our teams actually visit the sites and see first hand the ways our projects are helping the people. Our team members use their gifts and skills to serve the needs of the people relative to the specific objectives of the Service Team. These 7-10 day mission trips are scheduled throughout the year and provide a compassionate touch and a life changing experience. You can learn more about our Service Teams and our scheduled missions from our website or through the VisionVes†ors newsletter emailed monthly. To receive our newsletter contact the VV office.

I fell in love with the people. They had very little of the things we Americans enjoy. But their thankfulness and joy touched my heart. My life will never be the same.”...VV 

VisionVestors is a ministry of Grace Covenant Internatonal.  

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