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Our History

Grace Covenant was incorporated in 1995 as a 501c-3 non-profit association (family) of churches and ministries unified to reach the world for Christ. Our heart is to provide a spiritual covering and relational connection to our ministry family for encouragement, equipping and partnership for greater Kingdom advance. Our network is comprised of churches and para-church ministries in the United States and mission works in seven nations. Our Christian ministry family is evangelical and Spirit-filled.


We are activily involved in planting new churches, establishing new para-church ministries and developing new foreign mission works. We also are connecting with established churches and ministries which desire to be part of our network. Our miistry office provides homeland support and administrative assitance for all our missionaries and mission works.


We are heavily invested in ministry training which takes place through the Ministry Skills Intitute. This equipping arm of Grace Covenant provides regular regional training conferences, correpsondence courses for training credit, mentoring, internships and individualized training tracks for ministry preparation. It is training for the head, the heart and the hands. These training resources are offered to everyone interested in being equipped in practical ministry skills.


Our Grace Covenant network is relationship-based, apostolic, culturally and racially diversified, and relevantly postured to reach this emerging generation for Jesus Christ.


We are actively looking for pastors, ministers and missionaries who desire to pioneer new works of ministry. We also have current positions available for pastors, ministers and missionaries. We provide coaching, training and assistance for each ministry placement.


We are open to adopting exisiting churches and ministries who desire a spiritual covering and want to belong of a ministry family.







· Evangelism: Bring people to Christ and disciple believers.


· Church Planting: Send out church planting pastors and establish new churches


· World Missions: Send out missionaries to establish churches and ministry works in the nations of the world


· Spiritual Renewal: Continually dependent upon on the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit.


Reflection and Revelation 2014

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