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Ministry Skills Institute

      The Ministry Skills Institute is a non-denominational, relationship based ministry school. We offer Life Discipleship and Ministry Equipping through our courses, internships and training conferences. Our heart is to position people on the pathway of their Life Purpose toward their Divine Destiny. We have our MSI Campus in Kansas City, Missouri. We offer MSI courses online and on location in churches nationally and internationally. We offer regional Ministry Training Conferences and Seminars. We also teach our Basic Ministry Training Courses in a given region by invitation through MSI Mobile. Our focus is to equip believers in practical ministry skills.





Ministry Training Events

and Faith Building Offerings 2019

March 23, 30


MSI Campus Course:  “Ministering the Word: Preaching and Teaching”  Platte City, MO  –Instructors Barry Clair/ Dallas E Elder

April 20, 27   


MSI Campus Course:  “World Missions: Cross-Cultural Ministry”       

Platte City, MO  –Instructor Dallas Elder

May 4

MSI-“Encountering the Face of God” Seminar 

Living Hope C. F.-Oakdale, CA  –Instructor Dallas Elder

June 1


MSI-“Ministry with the Gift of Prophecy” Seminar                                   

The Bridge Central-Lake Wales, FL  –Instructor Dallas Elder

August 17

MSI-“Breakthrough Prayer” Seminar                                                                 

Living Hope C. F.-Oakdale, CA  –Instructor Kevin Clancey

October 5, 26  


MSI Campus Course: “Equipped for Spiritual Warfare”                                 Platte City, MO  –Instructor Dallas Elder

November 3

MSI-“Understanding and Eliminating Spiritual Strongholds” Seminar               Platte City, MO –Instructor Dallas Elder

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