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1. Jesus is Head of the Church.


2. The Word of God is central to faith and practice.


3. The Holy Spirit is the Churchs source (force) for comfort, guidance, renewal, power, service, healing, deliverance and evangelism.


4. The Ministry of Jesus is the focus of the Church.


5. Worship is central in honoring and engaging our relationship with the Heavenly Father and provides an atmosphere for ministry.


6. The Fruit of the Spirit is the heart nature of the Church.


7. The Gifts of the Spirit are the ministry tools of the Church.


8. Ministry flows naturally through relation-ships. Spiritual relationships provide mutual support, accountability and ministry impact.


9. God has called believers to be Kingdom minded, fulfilling our specific role in the Body of Christ; while affirming, assisting and laboring with other parts of His Body, for greater Kingdom advance.


10. Believers are called to be culturally relevant, which is identifying and posturing ourselves with people as to meet their needs in the Name of Jesus.


11. The disciple of Jesus has a heart full of compassion and service toward the poor, orphaned, widowed and oppressed.


12. Ministry involves commitment to small groups.




Our Ministry Family DNA


Every family has its own identity, culture and “DNA”. In general terms, the following ministry values describe our family’s spiritual culture and DNA.


  • Passionate Commitment to Transforming Lives

We serve to see people transformed through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.


  • Convergence of Evangelical and Charismatic Streams- “Word and Power”;

“Empowered Evangelicals”We embrace and maintain the balance of the authority of the Word and the empowering of the Holy Spirit. Terms that have been used that we believe articulates this balance are “Word and Power” churches and “Empowered Evangelicals”. Jim Cymbala coined the statement: “If you only have the word, you dry up. If you only have the spirit, you blow up. If you have the Word and the Spirit, you grow up.” ( We have a unique blend of Evangelical and Charismatic/Pentecostal churches which serve together in our ministry family and operate from this balance.)


  • Diversity is Welcome

We embrace ministers and ministries from difference backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. In Christ Jesus, there is one Father, one Family, one Savior, one Blood, one Baptism, one Spirit, one Church, one Kingdom and one Race (the Human Race).


  • Committed to Community

We are committed to community and we say “ministry flows through relationship”. We need each other. For each of us to be all God calls us to be, we need the encouragement and accountability that intentional relationship brings. The members of our ministry family are committed to connecting on a regular basis to maintain the strength of community.


  • Generous Kingdom Sowers

We understand that Grace Covenant International is a small part of the Body of Christ and God’s Kingdom work in the world. We have humble and open hearts to partner with and sow into leaders and ministries beyond our family for greater Kingdom works.


  • Willingness to Sacrifice for Kingdom Causes

We understand that God calls us to live by faith and make sacrifices to bring his Kingdom to communities and to the ends of the earth. We believe that God provides for where He guides. We are willing to make the necessary sacrifices for God to use us for His Kingdom causes.


  • Active Concern for the Outcast and Oppressed

We have hearts and hands that are reaching out to the poor, the outcast and the oppressed. We offer compassionate touches and meet practical needs in Jesus’ Name bringing relief of suffering, justice, dignity and hope to distressed people.

“…we should remember the poor…” Galatians 2:10

Heart Values

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